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GFCI outlets are required in damp or wet locations, such as garages, exteriors, bathrooms and kitchens.



Choose the Omni Water Filter for your needs

Consider your living situation (such as renting or owning) and what you feel your needs are.  Below are several options to help you make your choice.  All are simple to install and fit into all styles of living environments.

Whole house filter units for entire home water system coverage.

Under sink filter units for dedicated faucet only. Will need to attach a unit to each faucet used for clean water effect.

Basic Water Filter Systems:

Remove/reduce Install yourself  Hire a plumber
Rust & sediment Whole House - U25 Whole House - OB1 or OB5  
Rust & sediment
Large home / Office
Whole House - BF7 Whole House - BF7
Odor & chlorine Under Sink - SFM2 Under Sink - OB3
Odor & chlorine
+ Giardia & Cryptosporidium
Under Sink - CBF1 System  - OB3CB1
Odor & chlorine
+ lead
+ Giardia & Cryptosporidium
Under Sink - CBF3 System  - OB3CB3
Odor & chlorine
+ asbestos, lead & mercury
+ Cryptosporidium & Giardia
+ VOC's  & MTBE's!
Under Sink - CBF20  

Combination Water Filter Systems:

Remove/reduce Install yourself  Hire a plumber
Rust & sediment
Odor & chlorine
System U25SFM2 System -  OB1TO1OB3GAC1
Rust & sediment
+ Odor & chlorine
+ Giardia & Cryptosporidium
System U25CBF1 System - OB1TO1OB3CB1 
Rust & sediment
+ Odor, chlorine & lead
+ Giardia & Cryptosporidium
System  U25CBF3 or  Under Sink  OT32 System - OB1TO1OB3CB3

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter:

Remove/reduce Install yourself
Rust & sediment
+ Odor, chlorine, lead, mercury, copper & barium
+ Asbestos, Cryptosporidium, Giardia & sodium
+ Chromium, cadmium, fluoride & selenium
Under Sink RO2000


We offer water filtration products for your entire home!

What kind of water filter do you need?

We recommend that you install a high-flow Whole House water filter where it comes into the house; then we recommend you install an OMNI High-contaminant-removal filter in your kitchen (or bathroom) where water is used for cooking and drinking.

| Whole House | Undersink | Faucet Mount | Refrigerator |

Whole House Water Filters - known as “Point of Entry” (POE)

The very first thing we ask you to consider is installing a high-flow Whole House water filter where the water line comes into your home. This Whole House filter will reduce rust and sediment picked up from the pipes that deliver water to your home from your well or municipal water system. This first cleaning of incoming water will protect your appliances (hot water heater, clothes washer, dishwasher, humidifier, toilets, showers, etc.) from the wear caused by rust and sediment in the water. An OMNI Whole House filter will also remove much of the chlorine that can cause itchy skin and damage your clothing.

We recommend OMNIFilter Model U25 as your Whole House filtration system. If you have a large home or high water demands, we recommend OMNIFilter Model BF7.  The OB1 or OB5 is made for professional installation.

From The Tap or "Point of Use” (POU) Water Filters

Then we recommend you install an OMNI high-contaminant-removal filter in your kitchen (or bathroom) where water is used for cooking and drinking. Called “Point of Use” filters, these units remove contaminants and provide clean, safe, great tasting water on demand. Select from our:

| Undersink
| Faucet Mount / Counter Top Water Filters
| Refrigerator / Icemaker Water Filters
| Replacement Filters

Choosing an Undersink Water Filter From Omni

OMNI Undersink water filters “polish” your water by reducing rust and sediment, odors and chlorine, lead, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including pesticides like lindane and herbicides like atrazine. An Undersink water filter in your home will provide you with great tasting water for drinking, cooking, and making beverages like coffee, tea, and juices!

These are easy Do-It-Yourself Kits.  The Omni SFM2 filter is a simple economic filter.  The UC2 has twice the  filter capacity.  The CBF1 and CBF3 protects against harmful Giardia and Cryptosporidium bacteria.  The OT32 filters rust and sediment.

How to Choose an OMNI Faucet Mount Water Filter

For a low-cost, entry-level water filter, the OMNI F1 Faucet Mount unit will give you great tasting water at the end of your tap. Plus, it takes only minutes to install.

How to Choose an OMNI Refrigerator/Icemaker Water Filter

The OMNI R200 or CCF1 Refrigerator/Icemaker filters will make your ice cubes taste great and take that chlorine taste and odor out of your cold drinks. The only difference in the three models is the way they attach to the 1/4" tubing behind your refrigerator. See each product page for details.

At OMNIFilter® Corporation, we deliver high quality residential water filtration at an affordable price. OMNIFilter® units are sold with the Do-It-Yourself-er in mind. Everything you need to install your filter is in the box.

Replacement Cartridges

Or find a replacement cartridge for any OMNI water filter.

Comparison chart of cartridge qualities and choose the best filter for you.

Whole House replacement cartridges
Undersink replacement cartridges
Faucet Mount/Countertop replacement cartridges
Refrigerator/Icemaker replacement cartridges



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